Transformative Subtle Energy Work

Are you working on yourself and want some help with the sticky stuff?

Are you recovering from trauma, addiction, accidents, illness – something involving deep mental-emotional pain?

Some things in life are too scary to face alone. We need someone to walk with us into the dark, to be steady while we allow ourselves to feel the pain.

This is my work of 20 years, to help you confidently feel your fears, and let them transform into wisdom, resulting in a lighter, clearer, happier you.

The work is simple: no talking (no mind needed), dropping into meditation, I connect with your subtle bodies and ask (silently) what you want help with. You in your infinite (unconscious) wisdom lead the way. All you need to do (consciously) is be willing to face whatever arises as best you can… and transformation happens.

My work is informed by over 20 years of meditation, 400 hours of Traditional Thai Massage Therapy training by Master Healers, Reiki (Master Level), Quantum Touch, Taoist Energy Practices and growing up learning healing touch via Swedish Massage from my mother.

In-person & Distance Sessions Available

1h 15m = 75€
2h = 90€
Trades of similar value happily negotiated.

Contact me: Elena at

In my experience, Elena is a truly gifted, intuitive energy healer. She is compassionately responsive to the needs and wisdom of your body as she supports its unique process of healing, with heartfelt presence. I highly recommend her sessions.”

Tameer P.B., Canadian, CranioSacral Therapist

Having experience with different healing techniques, I was curious about what Elena had to offer. What a gift! Her touch is gentle, her approach intuitive and she guides you to the depth of your being by listening to your body and opening the doors with you. I felt rejuvenated after the treatment, reconnected, and very relaxed and I felt the treatment working on me over the next few days. I definitively recommend it and feel lucky that I will work with her again soon. Thank you, Elena.”

Sandrine G., French, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

I wanted to reach out and THANK YOU for all of the kind and wise concern and healing you have given me in the short time since we met. I feel, well… blessed. I am happy to report that I do feel a shift happening already. Am definitely enjoying this return of some lightness and relief. Not my usual major cataclysmic rebounding, more like a slow, gentle, falling into myself. Thanks.”

Felise N., Vietnamese-American, Resort Owner

Thank you for giving so much of your time – I really appreciate it. It was great to meet you and experience your kindness and skill. Already looking forward to our next session.”

Clare.G., American, Teacher

Those moments and the moments that followed during our healing session enabled me to shift into a different way of being, which of course shifted my energy and all of the interactions I’ve had since. Thank you so much.”

Christine A., American, Wellness Company President

Thank you for all your support, for listening and the sound, professional advice. This is all so positive! I look forward to the next Healing Session. My sleep has simply become fantastic, very smooth. I have been doing really well physically, sleeping well, feeling rejuvenated and very grateful and in awe of how you helped me.”

Birgitte A, Dutch, Mother